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EWCP welcomes a new partner

19th March 2024
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We are delighted to welcome Dinkenesh Ethiopia as a new partner. Dinkenesh Ethiopia is a recently established indigenous NGO whose objectives closely align with those of EWCP.

Originating with strategic support from EWCP, and staffed by founding members with prior experience implementing conservation efforts, Dinkenesh Ethiopia is poised for growth and success!

Dinkenesh Ethiopia translates as "Unique Ethiopia". Its mission is to safeguard the country’s unique wildlife for the benefit of current and future generations. Dinkenesh embodies Ethiopia's unique biodiversity. This is illustrated in its logo by the giant lobelia and the Ethiopian wolf, encircled by the colours of the Ethiopian flag representing the protection of Ethiopia’s unique wildlife, the wholeness of its people and their environment.

The NGO was set up to promote a better understanding of Ethiopia’s unique natural riches and to implement conservation activities that reduce threats to the survival of endemic species and boost their long-term persistence. Dinkenesh approach includes monitoring and research and fostering community involvement in conservation, including incorporating traditional knowledge and alternative livelihoods.

We are excited to have this emerging NGO as our primary local partner in the One Health and Biodiversity Friendly Futures projects. The Oxford University team will support Dinkenesh with guidance on project management, fundraising, reproting and measuring conservation impacts. We hope that this collaboration will enable Dinkenesh to arise as conservation leaders in their country.

Although a new organisation, Dinkenesh personnel are not new to conservation. Dr Girma Eshete, until recently EWCP’s manager in the Amhara region, raised through the ranks of EWCP and is now the NGO Executive Director, supported by a Board chaired by Dr Zelealem Tefera, one of Ethiopia's most distinguished conservationists.  Other Dinkenesh staffs are Muktar Abute, leading the One Health project, and Misrak Seyum, leadign the livelihoods activities of Biodiversity Friendly Futures.

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