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Programme - Goals

In the historic city of Lalibela a strategic plan was agreed in 2011, setting the priorities for Ethiopian wolf conservation in the next 10 years. These goals are our guide and motivation.


  • All existing Ethiopian wolf populations secured, not at risk of immediate extinction, with genetic diversity maintained, and the number of wolf packs increased


  • Ethiopian wolves actively managed as a metapopulation, including wherever possible the restoration of wolves to available habitat within their historical range


  • Afroalpine habitats protected from further degradation, conserved, and restored


  • Coexistence of wolves, people and their livestock fostered throughout the species’ range


  • All stakeholders, especially decision makers at the national, regional, and local levels, involved in, and committed to conserving wolves and their habitat


  • Mechanisms developed to fairly share, across generations, the costs and benefits of wolf and Afroalpine conservation