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About us - Our vision

Safeguarding the future of natural habitats for the benefit of wildlife and people in the highlands of Ethiopia 

Our mission is to secure viable and ecologically functioning Ethiopian wolf populations and habitats, and to emphasise its role as a flagship for the conservation and sustainable use of the Afroalpine ecosystem, on which present and future generations of Ethiopians also depend.

In the historic city of Lalibela a strategic plan was agreed in 2011, setting the priorities for Ethiopian wolf conservation in the next 10 years. The goals in the National Action Plan remain our guide and motivation:

√ All existing Ethiopian wolf populations secured, not at risk of immediate extinction, with genetic diversity maintained, and the number of wolf packs increased

√ Ethiopian wolves actively managed as a metapopulation, including wherever possible the restoration of wolves to available habitat within their historical range

√ Afroalpine habitats protected from further degradation, conserved, and restored

√ Coexistence of wolves, people and their livestock fostered throughout the species’ range

√ All stakeholders, especially decision makers at the national, regional, and local levels, involved in, and committed to conserving wolves and their habitat

√ Mechanisms developed to fairly share, across generations, the costs and benefits of wolf and Afroalpine conservation