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About us - Board of Advisors


Ato Kumara Wakjira


Director General, EWCA

Ato Kahsay Gebretensae

Ato Belsty Fetene

Ato Chemere Zewdie

Dr Kifle Argaw

Dr Fekadu Desta

Ms Dada Gottelli

Wildlife Research & Monitoring Directorate, EWCA

Forest and Wildlife Development & Protection Authority

Oromia Forest and Wildlife Enterprise

Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopia

IUCN SSC Wildlife Health Specialist Group

Geneticist, Zoological Society London

Prof Anthony Fooks

Animal and Plant Health Agency, UK

Mr Charles Knowles

Prof Richard Kock

Dr Karen Laurenson

Prof David Macdonald

President, Wildlife Conservation Network

IUCN SSC Wildlife Health Specialist Group

Frankfurt Zoological Society

Director, WildCRU, University of Oxford

Dr Zelealem Tefera

Mr Will Travers

Country Representative, Born Free Foundation Ethiopia

President, Born Free Foundation

Prof Rosie Woodroffe

IUCN SSC Canid Specialist Group