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ways to help us protect the endangered Ethiopian wolf

Wolf Conservation Safari in Ethiopia 7th - 15th November 2016

Buy a gorgeously illustrated book about Ethiopian wolf conservation 

Donate to EWCP - every gift contributes to the future of the Ethiopian wolf


 Wolf Conservation Safari in Ethiopia 7th - 15th November 2016

You can help conserve Ethiopian wolves……

Join this exclusive wolf conservation safari that financially supports the on-going work of EWCP – Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme

Guided by wolf expert Prof Claudio Sillero

See rare Ethiopian wolves in the wild

Observe wolves up close on foot, on horseback and in 4×4’s

Explore the breathtakingly beautiful Bale Mountains

Intimate group of 4 – 7 wolf watchers

Financial donation to help support the long term survival of the Ethiopian wolves

The trip is organized on behalf of EWCP by Spencer Scott travel Services. They are a fully licensed travel organizer and can assist you with flights, hotels in Addis Ababa and any extension trips you may wish to take. For more information, enquiries & bookings visit this website

Treeking in Bale   Bale Mountains


Buy a gorgeously illustrated book about Ethiopian wolf conservation

The Ethiopian wolf: Hope at the edge of extinction is an insightful and gorgeously illustrated book published by Lobelia Press is a partnership between the photographers and the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme, with all profits from every book sold donated to EWCP. Lobelia Press has also donated several dozen books to be distributed in Ethiopia among supporters, schools, senior government officers and tourist lodges to promote our work.

Photographers Will Burrard-Lucas and Rebecca Jackrel travelled to the highlands of Ethiopia to document the lives of these elegant canids and the work the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme is doing to preserve the species for future generations. Witness the intimate pack lives of the wolves, enjoy the beautiful landscapes they call home, and learn how these wolves are becoming a symbol for what can be accomplished by dedicated individuals set on saving a species from extinction.

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