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For Giving Tuesday, give HOPE to the Ethiopian wolves

28th November 2017
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Keep alive the hope for the survival of Ethiopian wolves: become a supporter and help us protect the rare Ethiopian wolf.

There are only 500 Ethiopian wolves in the world and all live in the highlands of Ethiopia. Right now, new born litters leave their dens for the first time at 4,000 meters in the Sanetti Plateau. These pups renew our optimism.

This #GivingTuesday give HOPE to Ethiopian wolves: support the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme.

New life – We follow and protect many wolf families in the Bale Mountains. Last year we witnessed record numbers of pups, bringing hope for recovery after a devastating disease outbreak in 2016.

Innovation –We are ready to use oral vaccines to stop rabies from infecting Ethiopian wolves in the first place.

Strong leaders – We nurture key EWCP staff to become the conservationists of the future.

You can make these dreams happen. Join us this #GivingTuesday:

$20 buys a pair of gloves – temperatures regularly plummet below freezing in the highlands where the wolves live

$50 buys waterproof jackets and overtrousers – it rains pretty solidly for 8 months of the year and our teams are in the field no matter what the weather!

$200 pays for one Nature Club project in a remote school in the highlands

$300 pays for one Wolf Ambassador for a year –they are our eyes and ears in the most remote mountains

$1,000 pays for the vaccination of domestic dogs in one village next to wolf habitat- dogs carry fatal diseases such as rabies and canine distemper


Thank you from the EWCP Team



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